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  . Energy Less

  . Body sick and joint

  . Sinusitis

  . 20 years Sinusitis

  . Heart Disease
  . Great Husband
  . Special Wife
  . Mammary Gland Breast
  . Rash Case
  . Thyroid on neck
  . Cough
  . Pimple & mark of scar


  1-Power oil VCO31


  1-Suspect of Dengue fever
  2-Womb cancer
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. Metabolism and Energy

. Protection from Disease   

. Virus and bacteria

. Ideal weight

. Mothers milk and MCFA

. Skin and hair

. Enlargement prostate

. Digestive system and substance

. AIDS prevention

. Heart prevention

. Aging Process

. Sinusitis

. Cancer

. Free Radical Wound

. Tiredness Symptom

. Urine Problem

. Diabetes

. Hypertension

Bio-Asli advertisement on TV1, TV2  & Sinar Fm Radio March.08 till May08
Hypertension Thyroid Lose body weight Skin disease Hemorrhoid Weak & exhausted

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You are really encouraged to send us your email about your experience after using Bioasli products, The suitable Email will be posted at the website and the company will give special gift for the selected email . We  will not mention your background if requested-Thank you.

  Case : Skin disease -Chronic fungus infection 


Name : Normala Bt Hassan

Address : Sg.Tengar, Sabak Bernam, Sel.

Disease : Chronic Skin disease.




Right hand


Left hand

              I suffer from chronic skin disease at my hand and body, which my skin redden, chap and scaly, I also experienced extreme irritation, when I scratch my skin, it will bruise up and bleeding. My skin is also dry and it seems dusty. Those circumstances cause my skin seems quite insupportable. People who look at my skin for the first time, they will think that I'm having skin blemishes since I was born. I have to sun my mattress and replace the sheet almost every day as I wake up in morning. Mite dropping from my skin scattered like a snake change skin. This disease is really makes me hard to do my daily routine, and it also intrudes my intimate relationship with my husband.

For your information, these symptoms were started since 01/05/07 which I experience irritation and pain on my hand and body skin, these symptoms makes me feel uncomfortable.

Because of that, I decide to get treatment at nearby clinic. At the early stage treatment, the clinic only gives me the drink and rub medicine. However, the irritation does not reduce, the clinic gives me injection for further treatment.

       When the disease is getting worse, I seek the other treatment from private skin specialist clinic nearby. I was given medicine to be rubbed, drunk and also injection. However, it did not give any effect to the disease. Then, I try to get the treatment at the government hospital. According to the doctor, I suffer from allergic from a kind of fungus, the allergy cause irritation, dry skin and  it leads to small cut pain when scratched, serious dryness that cause scaly and dusty skin. The hospital also gives me medicine and injection during 3 treatment session.

        Then, I despair with the modern treatment and I try for traditional tips, the impact is still the same. My friends suggest me to go and get treatment from medicine man, The medicine men said that it caused by black magic, after being bathed with the mixture of variety of water and gives out incense smoke every dusk time, my skin condition still that same.

        One day, Desaku company has called me to come to the company, after listening the story about my disease, the company generously gives me a bottle of virgin coconut oil pure (VCOP) for me to try. The company recommends me to drink the oil 3 times daily with the dose of 1 teaspoon. I also need to apply the oil on my skin to avoid dryness.

In the first week of using VCOP, my skin swollen and feels itchy, the swollen causes tense, chap and pain to my skin. On the second week, the irritation reduced and no more scaly and dusty skin. On the third week, cut and wound on my skin is getting well and no more irritation. On the forth week, the scar is getting disappeared. This makes my whole family feel happy as my daily activity can be done as usual. Until now, I keep consuming the product and take care of my nutrition and my daily lifestyle.



 Case : Thyroid on neck


Name : Anuar bin Salim

Address : Kg.Sg.Limau, Sg.Besar

Disease : Thyroid

I suffer from thyroid and had just done surgery safely, after permitted to go home, I experience irritation on my neck when I am sweating. I also hard to swallow food and I also feel irritation on my uvula,

At the first time, I thought that it is just the positive effect of the surgery, but when the irritation didn't  relieve, I wonder if I do not follow the doctor recommendation.

As a result of the continuous irritation, although I have sought for the specialist advice, I went to Desaku to get Bioasli product, Virgin Coconut Oil plus Black Seed Oil (VCOHS) that I heard is very good for internal and external health. After drinking VCOHS twice daily with the measurement of 1 teaspoon and apply it on the problem area, the irritation on my neck decreasing and in the course of time it  recovered, and I feel even more stronger. Now, I'm one of the monthly loyal consumers.


 Case : High Blood Pressure & Headache

Name : Melvyn Colin Ivan Storer
Address : 7 Apple grove Orchard Rood Hook Surrey
              KT9 1BE England UK

Disease : High Blood Pressure & Headache

I suffer from high-blood-pressure and headache. When I travel to Malaysia, my best friend tells me about the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil that is very great without any mixture of chemical substances, drug or preservatives. When I surf the internet, I found that Virgin Coconut Oil has been long practiced by European and American community, also have been mixed with particular substance so that it is tastier and easy to be used. Therefore, I choose the pure virgin coconut oil of Bioasli  product. I come direct to the company office to get the product information from En. Ishak. The first time I drink the oil feel quite headache, in the course of time I feel as usual. I feel that Bioasli Virgin Coconut oil is genuine and it is very good for our health.



 Case : From weak body turn to active




                              45200 SABAK BERNAM,SELANGOR D.E.


I am one of the local film production crew, and I have involved in the industry since years. The career as a crew, I have to face with the compact shooting schedule, I always fatigue, lack of energy and often loss of concentration.

 Three years lately, I always feel body ill. When I wake up from sleep, my leg, especially my heel feel very painful. I have to take about two to three minutes to defuse the illness to move. While after working hours or any sport activity like playing ball, my whole body feel pain especially at the joints.

Then, I take a few other brands products before I try to use Bioasli virgin coconut oil product. Amazing……after trying Bioasli virgin coconut oil, I can feel that all the symptoms that I experienced before is dwindling. My body feel lighter and I can move more comfortable. Most exhilarating is my body weight is decreasing. Now, I like also other previous consumers confident that Bioasli virgin coconut oil is suitable and compatible for me. I will never change to other product.

I also earnestly sponsor down line as much as I could (free membership) and now within a short time my down line number achieve hundreds person and my income from this program is worth, that the most important is the initial capital is only once RM30.00 from Bioasli purchase.

The other thousands consumers and I had tried and got the benefits, how about you……..? Contact me if you are interested to cooperate in succeeding  this easy programmed. Tukiran 019-391 8278







                                         Bio-Asli Desaku PRODUCT.


                                         (VCO+HABBATUS SAUDA’)


ADDRESS                           : JALAN HJ. SHUKUR, NO. 4, PPRT SG.TENGAR

                                         UTARA, 45100 SG AIR TAWAR,

                                         SABAK BERNAM, SELANGOR D.E.




Working in the coconut farm with variety of duties since he was teenage. Since six years ago, with his wife, he opened small industrial (making biscuit) for festive seasons, besides still works in the coconut farm. He supports a wife and 2 children.

On the mid-year of 2006, he sustains little health problem, easily get tired and less spirited to work in the farm. In the particular time, he didn't go to the farm because of lack of energy and flag. With his increasing age, at first he thinks that the problem is because of the increase old age symptom. I have tried many types of medicine. Finally. I try virgin coconut oil + black seed oil from Bio-Asli, DesaKu.

Something that is quite surprising, in the first week of consuming virgin coconut oil plus black seed oil, he sustains bleeding defecation. However he still go on consuming that oil, first bottle. In the second week, bleeding doesn't happen anymore. What pleasant him is his energy and spirit is back, and he is able to work hard in the farm and in a long time.

Now he still consumes virgin coconut oil plus black seed oil. We at Desaku hope that his health will keep on healthy as the special properties of virgin coconut oil plus black seed oil, treasure from nature created by God. If you want further information, you may contact me 013-6601383.



  Disease : Hemorrhoids 


Name : Asked for not stated

Address : Jln Kebun Klang Sel

I had suffered from this disease since 5 years ago. Specialist said that daily defecation especially in the morning indeed is encouraged to ensure our body's health, this is because toxic inside the body can be removed during excretion process. However, for me it is likes a nightmares because I have to experience pain when defecation.

I ever heard the rule to make it easier to remove faces is by drinking oil, to drink oil, make me think twice because of the cholesterol level that contained in cooking oil, at last after reading the compositions of virgin coconut oil by Bio-Asli, I decided to try the product. Thanks god, my disease recovers. I still continue drinking Virgin Coconut Oil + Black Seed Oil (VCOHS), until now, because other than cure hemorrhoids, my body immune system is also improved.

After that, I recommend this product to a woman, his daughter-in-law also face the same problem, after a few weeks, the woman contacts me to say thank.


 Case : No appetite and weak body


Name : Ustz Samsudin B Hj. Sakawi @Hj. Abd Hamid

Address : No 55 Batu 61 Sg. Lias 45300 Sg. Besar Selangor

Age :65


Mr. Shamsuddin was born in 1942 at Sg Besar. And now, he is already 66 years old. Recently, he had a breathing difficulties and sometimes pain. Consequently, he sort for a treatment from INSTITUT JANTUNG NEGARA (IJN) As expected, he suffers from heart failure and doctor advised him to make operation.

On Dec 22, 2005, the operation succeeded and his breath problem going better. With the operation , nerve from his right leg was taken to change 4 main nerves of his heart. However, he felt weak and pale after the operation. His weight on Oct 2006 only 46 kg but after he tried Virgin Coconut Oil + Black seed Oil from Desaku Bioasli, his weight increased to 51 kg. And now, he maintained consuming it by drinking 1 spoon in the morning and 1 spoon in the evening within 2 months, his appetite increases and his body feels more fresh. You can see his picture above shown more cheerful and happier.


 Case : Chicken pox and white head


Name : Sawiah

Address :Pekan Parit Baru sabak Bernam Selangor

Disease : Jeragat & kesan campak

Sawiah at first wants to buy beauty product (to lose whitehead) in one of the famous beauty boutique. While waiting for her turn, she talks to a woman, the woman tells about her chicken pox scar that recovered after using Bioasli virgin coconut oil product, the woman proves her words by showing the scar impact that starts to disappear, hears that Sawiah finds the opportunity to go to the Desaku company to get the product, after using the product, proven that the woman's words is true, the whitehead problem diminishing with the usage of Bioasli virgin coconut oil.


 Case : Psicrosis disease( genetic )- Skin becomes pinto like ringworm  & itchy


Name : asked for not stated

Address : Sg Besar, Selangor

This consumer is an educator in Sabak Bernam, he had suffered from a genetic skin disease for such a long time (more than 20 years). He had met many skin specialists to treat his disease.

During receiving treatment in Hospital Besar KL at skin disease department, specialist suspect that he sustains genetic disease, the genetic disease is known difficult to be cured. Later, he gets the follow-up treatment in GH KL government hospital, he was sent for the alternative treatment , there he met Dr. Kadir B Hussin, Dr. Kadir explains the symptoms that happens to psychosis disease patient are crusty skin, thicken, dry and peeling,

Dr. Kadir gave him 1 bottle of oil and recommended him to drink the oil twice daily and apply on the problem parts. At the early stage of the usage, the crusty skin turned redden, gradually it became smaller and finally with the routine usage, his ringworm increasingly recovered. After this miraculous change, he asked what is the miraculous oil which the doctor had given to him, apparently the oil is only  virgin coconut oil.


 Case  : Sinusitis



My beauty is affected because of it, Thanks god now there is the remedy
 Oh my God . Pure Virgin Coconut Oil + Black Seed Oil  (New)...Bio-Asli

Sinusitis is mucus blockage or discharge often caused by swelling of mucous membranes and by excess mucus. The symptom is frequently associated with cold, but it is also found with other conditions such as cough, ear infection, and tonsil or adenoid infections. Sinusitis blockage can result in discomfort in the ear when changing altitudes such as in an airplane or even in an elevator. The mucus drip can cause chronic coughing. Sinusitis is the body's way of trying to remove toxins from the body.Sinusitis can be a symptom of various illnesses. The nasal discharge starts out watery but may become thick and yellow. Hay fever or rhinitis can cause a clear discharge, which is also accompanied by sneezing and itchy eyes. An allergy may cause sinusitis with similar symptoms. The allergy may be to a particular food, animal dander or pollen. A case of the flu can bring on sinusitis, which is accompanied by achy joints, fever and headache.Catarrh can also be a reaction to spicy foods, dust, cigarette smoke, over-dry air, or cold, damp conditions. These bouts of sinusitis are usually relatively quick episodes that tend to diminish as soon as the irritant is removed. It is easier to recognize these causes and have control over them.

According to Dr Amir Izwan Mohamed Dahan, Specialist of ear, nose and gullet from Hospital Pusrawi Kuala Lumpur said Sinusitis can cause death to the patients and effected to their brain.

The consumption of pure Virgin coconut oil + Honey can help to support and enhance your immune system . From the testimonies, they were satisfied with quality of virgin coconut oil and use it as daily supplement.



20 Years suffer from Sinusitis


 My name is Ishak bin Basiran, the C.E.O of Desaku Bioasli, ex engineer of Multinational Japan and Korean Company. I suffer from catarrh since form 5, in 1986.I always sneeze early in the morning especially in a cold temperature.

 I have met specialist in Jalan Pelabuhan, Klang. The doctor advised me to make an operation but I'm not ready yet. In the middle year of 1999, my friends suggest me to take diprospan injection in the private clinic. Since 18.11.1999 I take the injection until 27.12.2005.However, it will give bad effect to me if I take it for a long time. So, I tried to find another medicine to stop for taking diprospan injection. Diprospan injection can give bad effect for flushing the kidneys, urinary tract and cause for gallbladder problem.

 I have asked the doctor what is diprospan? And I got the explanation about it. Diprospan acts as antibody for those who have problem in the immune system.

 In 2003, the doctor justified that I got high blood pressure.(systoles 105 and diastoles 150) I felt so regret because my parents is around 70 years old, but they are still healthy.

In 2005 , I got one more problem. It is hair fall problem and it becomes serious. I tried to find the medicine. One day, I met my friends in the wedding ceremony. He suggested me to consume virgin coconut oil to cure my hair fall problem. After 3 months, my hair getting normal.

Because of that, I studied about the miracle of virgin coconut . I tried to make and produces virgin coconut oil. Finally, I successfully produced my formulated virgin coconut oil named Bio-Asli.

Honestly, after I tried virgin coconut oil BioAsli, I felt more healthy and it is an amazing medicine that can cure many diseases.

 If you want to know more detail, please contact me- 03-32138046- Ishak Bin Basiran.Back

Below is the record from the beginning I take the diprospan injection:

clinic card check

No Date Day
1 18/11/19999 0
2 22/01/2000 34
3 11/03/2000 48
4 27/04/2000 47
5 29/06/2000 63
6 26/8/2000 58
7 11/10/2000 46
8 25/11/2000 45
9 3/1/2001 39
10 8/3/2001 64
11 14/4/2001 37
12 26/5/2001 42
13 21/7/2001 56
14 15/9/2001 56
15 1/10/2001 16
16 11/12/2001 71
17 5/2/2002 56
18 23/4/2002 77
19 4/6/2002 42
20 14/7/2002 50
21 20/8/2002 36
22 15/10/2002 26
23 27/11/2002 43
24 12/1/2003 46
25 16/2/2003 35
26 26/3/2003 38
27 26/4/2003 31
29 20/5/2003 24
29 25/6/2003 36
30 No Record Nil
31 No Record Nil
32 No Record Nil
33 2/10/2003 Nil
34 15/11/2003 44
35 31/12/2003 46
36 11/2/2004 42
37 9/3/2004 26
38 04/04/2004 26
39 10/05/2004 36
40 14/06/2004 35
41 No Record Nil
42 No Record Nil
43 No Record Nil
44 10/10/2004 Nil
45 20/11/2004 41
46 25/12/2004 35
47 03/02/2005 40
48 12/03/2005 37
49 23/04/2005 42
50 28/05/2005 35
51 04/07/2005 37
52 18/08/2005 45
53 20/09/2005 33
54 16/11/2005 57
55 27/12/2005 41



 Case : Lack of energy (date : 5/03/2007)



                                         Bio-Asli Desaku PRODUCT.

 PRODUCT                          : VIRGIN COCONUT OIL  + BLACK SEED OIL

                                        (VCO+HABBATUS SAUDA’)

 NAME                               : EN. AHMAD BIN UTEH

 ADDRESS                           : NO. 6, KEDAI GUNTING RAMBUT MELATI,

                                                     DEPAN BEREK POLIS, JALAN BESAR,

                                                    45300 SG. BESAR,

: At first I participate in Desaku Bio-Asli only for fun, because the membership is free, get website (also free), besides the facility deals via sms and internet. However I try to use virgin coconut oil + black seed oil product, follow the duration mentioned. After finished 1 bottle, many problems that I faced before gradually recovered. If before this, I only able to recite Al-Quran with rhythm in 10 minutes, but now I can read in a longer time, until 30 minutes nonstop. Voice feel clean, fluent breathing and very relieving. While defecation also comfortable and smooth and the area of my skin that I apply with it also show changes, increasingly smooth and fair.

Like other men, I do not exempt from trying power 31 oil…….“ huuuuh ”.……that is the description of its greatness. It is difficult to describe it with words, but the easy is I want to state that the voyage is further , while captain with the sailor reach to destination with meaningful smile, description of the infinite climax of satisfaction.

Praise To God…..reliably, I grateful, can meet the product that suitable for health and for happiness of household. Currently I become the stockiest for Desaku Bio-Asli, in order to increase income, and foremost, to occupy the claim of FARDHU KIFAYAH of the local Muslim society.

To anyone who wants further information and want to be the member of Desaku Bio-Asli can also contact me.


 Disease : Cough & difficult to breath


Name :Hj. Sidang

Address : Kg. Sg Tengar Sabak Bernam Sel

Actually, my father is a healthy man although he is already old, however after he fall from bed, my father's health quite affected, he often cough and hard to breath, according to my father, during fall his elbow is tread to his rib, he also feel pain in the tread area that each time he cough. After listening to my father's story, my wife and I take father to the hospital for medical check up, praise to God, neither crack nor injury in stated part.

After the treatment in the hospital, my father's condition is still unchanged, when I remember the story about the greatness of Bio-Asli Virgin Coconut oil from a friend, then I call the company and ask for the suitable product, they recommend me to use Virgin coconut Oil +  Black Seed Oil (VCOHS), at the early stage of the usage, my father still cough, the difference is only his cough is not as pain as before and pain on the tread flank also decreasing, the effect-of routine usage of the oil, my father's pain almost fully recovered and my father feeling happier and energetic than before.



 Case : Severe scabies


Name : Muhammad

Address : Bt 1, Jln Feri, Sabak Bernam

My son is 8 years old. He likes to go fishing and find spider. This situation exposes him to get itchy and skin disease. On January 2006, he suffers from  quite severe scabies on his calf and thigh. As known by everyone that ordinary medicine in the market are only lotion and cream...... do not know how many types of medicine I have bought for my son . Finally my friend suggests me to try virgin coconut oil (Pure) as the rub medicine. Currently (19hb Jan 2006) my child's scabies have recovered, and I unnecessary spend more to other medicine, and the usage (virgin coconut oil) also affordable.



 Case : Red spots and itchy


Name : Hafizah

Address : Sepintas, Sabak Bernam

Sepintas, is the place where I live. My accommodation is a village and most of the surroundings is comprise from the coconut farm or oil-palm. Cloudy condition in the farm becomes the habitat mosquito favorite habitat. Mosquito bite is an impossible matter to avoid, whether during the day or night. Sometimes, the mosquito bites impinge red spots and make skin always itchy. Scratching made me sometimes feel ashamed. Thanks god crossed in my mind to try Bio-Asli Virgin Coconut Oil (Pure) that is kept by my father, as the rub medicine. Now I relieve, irritation and the impact of mosquito bite is no longer become my problem. More interesting is my skin appears soft and  smooth.



 Case : Severe skin rashes


Name : Adam

Address : Taman Seri Nakhoda Omar, B.N.O, Sabak Bernam

My child is 9 months suffers from severe skin rashes. His whole body is covered  by rashes and he is always in irritation. His condition is increasingly serious when sweating. During night time he always whine or cry that cause me and my wife could not sleep, and have to stay up to take care of him. This conditions lasts for several weeks and all the rub medicine and cream I buy whether from pharmacy or clinic but still not cause any impact. Finally, my neighbor that heeds and realizes my child's cry continuously during night time recommends me to use Bio-Asli Virgin Coconut Oil  (Pure) as the rub medicine. Thanks god, I'm grateful after two days, his rash skin is recovered. 



 Case : hair loss


Name : asked for not stated

Address : Sg. Besar, Selangor

I am a trader. I have invested much money for my business. Problems come continuously, like there is no ultimately. The profit and success shadows still invisible. Besides my business, there is other much matters that I have to think, including my family and children that live in  hostel (including their education, expenditures, and safety). Sometimes, I can't sleep tightly and always disturbed by nightmares. At the early stage, the obvious effect that I experience is hair become smooth like baby hair and followed by severe hair loss. Finally I find out that the top of my head  is started to bald. Worried with the situation, I try to find the remedy. Fortunately, I found  Bio-Asli Virgin Coconut Oil (Pure + Honey), Bio-Asli Virgin Coconut Oil (Pure) I apply on my head during night before sleep and virgin coconut oil + honey, I drink a spoon daily. Currently my hair problem is fully settled and by  my hair already return to being fresh like  when I was a teenager.



 Case : Heart disease




Prof. Jon J. Kabara head of Biochemistry and Pharmacologi of Michigan State University.

Below is the statement from Prof. Jon J Kabara on his heart disease patient :-

Maria, who is suffered from heart attack disease, informed from her doctor (cardiologist) about her life. She just can live in about 5 years. She had a symptom of cardiac arrhythmia , which is her heart beat is not stable. The doctor advised her to use peacemaker into her heart. She refused to use it because she wants to find another way but it becomes chronic. I told her about virgin coconut oil and she interested to use it. First day she consumes it, her arrhythmia report reduced by 50%. She told that it is the lowest heart beat that she ever felt. She tells that she has never met with such amazing medicine. She continues consuming Virgin Coconut Oil until now and her heart functions is better.



Case : Skin disease (rash)


Name : asked for not stated

Address : Seksyen 3, Shah Alam

I'm a graduate from University of Japan. My wife is a Japanese and she is very concern about food and medicine in the family. Currently, my baby got rash. My wife didn't want to use cream from the nearby clinic. I was worried if the condition will be worse. Fortunately, I found Bio-asli Virgin Coconut Oil (Pure). It is not disappointing.


Case : Severe Ringworm


Name : asked for not stated

I am one of the Bio-Asli's stockiest and have a nephew who suffers from ringworm on the neck, ears and head. I feel shy because I promote Bio-Asli's product to the public whereas my nephew suffers from severe ringworm.

One day, I went to see him, and I give him Bio-Asli Virgin Coconut Oil (Pure) to be applied on the ringworms

After 2 days, he comes and see me and show me his neck, ears and head which previously have severe ringworm, seems fair. I am very surprised to see his condition and in the same time, I delighted and grateful to see his condition increasingly recover. However, I quite disappointed as I forget to take photograph of his skin condition before using Bio-Asli Virgin Coconut Oil to be shared with all.


Case : Migrain


Name : Syed

A customer named Syed has long suffers from migraine since 5 years ago. The migraine that really disturbing his daily task and activity.

When Syed finds out about Bio-Asli product , he decides to try Bio-Asli product from nearby  stockiest, Haji Mastor from Kapar, Perak and buys the product every month. He explains that the conditions of his disease is very serious and this is one of his effort to recover. He take Virgin Coconut Oil + Black Seed Oil 1 spoon in the morning and 1 spoon in the night but his disease conditions do not show any positive change. Hence, he adds the  dosage by drinking 4 spoon of VCOHS in the morning and 4 spoon during night. 

He feels quite surprised when his migraine is recover, like there is a miracle had happened. He feels very grateful to God because already recovered from the suffering. Currently, he still consume VCOHS as a supplement.


Kes : Allergic


Name : Misnah Sariman

Address : Batu Caves, Selangor.

My officemate is allergic on seafood. Each time he eats seafood, his face will swell until like want to faint. Hence, I introduce the Desaku Bio-Asli product named Virgin Coconut Oil + Black Seed Oil and suggest him to drink the product with the correct duration. After a week using the products, his face swell as a result of the reaction impact that happens. After 2 week, swollen at his face begin to reduce until fully recovered. After finishing a bottle of the product, my friend try to test the effectiveness of the product. He eats seafood named cockle to see the effect on him. As a result, he finds out that the swollen that usually happened on his whole face only happens around his eye. A positive change. Hence, he continues drinking Virgin Coconut Oil + Back Seed Oil. Praise to God, currently he already can eat seafood and not suffer from allergic as before.

  Case : Circumcise
  Name : Fahmi Mustapha

Address : B.N.O., Sabak Bernam

I am 7 years old. Recently (Sunday, 9/12/2007), I already circumcise. To treat my condition, my sister has proposed me to apply Pure  Virgin Coconut Oil on my genital. On the first two days, I only able to lain and still weak. On the third day, I already can move faster. Then, 5 days after that on Friday I can already wear pants and can ride bicycle on Saturday (one week after the circumcise).

  Case : Internal disease (always weak and fatigue)
  Name : Nuri Hassan

Address : Parit Baru, Sabak Bernam

I suffer from weak body, often tired, often vomit phlegm and hair loss. Someone has recommended me to try Bio-Asli product named Virgin Coconut Oil + Black Seed Oil. Since using the product, my health is improved. My body is stronger and I have no longer suffered from severe  fatigue like before. Praise to God, I grateful with these conditions. Currently, I keep on using the product after self experience the effectiveness.


  Case : high Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Name : Pak Haji

Address : Simpang Lima, Sungai Besar, Selangor

I suffer from chronic high blood pressure and diabetes. I have been recommended to try capsule Desaku Bio-Asli's Virgin Coconut Oil + Black Seed Oil capsule product. One week after using the product, the effect is my body experience irritation. However, later the irritation decreases. My chronic diseases, diabetes and high blood also getting decreasing.


Case : Diabetes


Name : En. Muhammad

Address : Sg. Tengar Utara, Sabak Bernam

I suffer from severe diabetes until insulin injection also unable to reduce my disease. More than that, I have to use pampers as unaware each time I want to urinate and defecate. Hence, my child recommend me to try Bio-Asli's product. I have taken Virgin Coconut Oil + Black Seed Oil capsule 3 times a day. Praise to God, after using the product, my condition is improved. I also can handle myself without wearing pampers anymore.



Case : Knee disease


Name : Lecture of Politeknik Sultan Idris (asked for not stated)

Address : Sg. Lang, Sabak Bernam

I am a lecturer at Politeknik Sg. Lang, Sabak Bernam. I already back to my village in Batu Pahat, Johor on last fasting month and have met with my uncle. My uncle suffers from knee disease. Usually when doing tarawikh prayer, he will do until part of Muslim prayer to 4 and then continue sitting because of the disease. But this time, I quite shocked when looking he can continue praying tarawikh until 20 part of Muslim prayer and continue with witir prayer with 3 part of Muslim prayer. I ask him about his condition and he tells that he used product from Desaku Bio-Asli in Sabak Bernam, Virgin Coconut Oil + Black Seed Oil.  I surprise when hears that the company location is near with my accommodation. After Raya, I go to Desaku Bio-Asli company to get the product.



Case : Kidney problem/ Uncomfortable urination


Name : En.Aziz

Address : Bukit Canggang, Selangor

I works as a driver and it makes me I often back home late at night. The heavy work and lack of sleep make my body often tired and haggard, I also hard to wake up early in the  morning, my fingers also batter as a result of uplifting heavy goods, apart from that my heel also brakes even my ankle become corn. More worrying me is I suffer from uncomfortable urination.

The severe fatigue make my responsibilities as a husband has been bit ignored, my relationship with my children also quite distant. Gradually, I aware that I must keep up my health to make sure that my family is always happy.

By hearing the conversation from friends about the special properties of Bio-Asli virgin coconut oil, I continue to buy Virgin Coconut Oil + Black Seed Oil from the company. After drinking the oil I realize that I have no longer suffer from uncomfortable urination, my body becomes healthier and energetic, no longer drowse while driving, I sleep tightly and my sexual performance also increases. Besides drink, I also apply the oil on my problem skin, Thanks god my skin condition getting recovered and no longer breaks parts.



You are encouraged to use virgin coconut oil + black seed oil as masage media for the couple, prior the intimate moment.Moisten intimate part (wife) and genital part (husband) with Virgin coconut oil + habbatus sauda (VCOHS). Don't worry because VCOHS will be absorbed into the skin (no need for bath).Don't forget to use VCO31 (for husband) at least 3 to 4 hours before having intimacy ,starting at 7.00p.m.Spread or spray 1 or 2 drop to man genital part , Not necessary to spray all over. It is effective until 10 hours, (9.00 p.m until 7.00 a.m.)


Using VCOHS during intimate moment:
1-Kills cancer cell inside body
2-Avoid genital smell
3-Support sexual activity
4-Help prevent bacterial, yeast, fungal, and viral infections

 For mestris, ophoritis, indomeferitis & Premature ejaculation.



 Gerald Gettel, a registered pharmacist, who has over 20 years experience studying herbs and  who has been a consultant to numerous manufacturers on formulating various herbal products.For those ladies that have considered breast implants, Gerald W. Gettel  breast enlargement formula offers an affordable all natural breast enlargement solution.It was formulated as a natural breast enlargement product with added properties of increased sex drive and ability to achieve climax.

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Testimony 1 :  Anonymous : Single married widow;  Sepang.

I got married with widow  (2005). In our intimacy moment , I always lost before my wife ending the first round. But, with Power 31 Oil, I ever fail but I can overcome until 3rd round."
Testimony 2 : Anonymous Status : Married 12 years old

""Huuh...she asked me to adjourn our moment before ending"

Testimony 3 : From Kuala Lumpur, send sms

" Marvelous....!. I scored 3-1 last night.Grateful for VCO Power 31 Bio-Asli

Testimony 4 : Teacher from Kuala Selangor.

"Wow...!It's so wonderful"

Testimony 5 : Technician from Kuala Lumpur

"My wife always remind me don't forget Power Rangers Oil !" ( VCO Power 31 Bioasli(for men))

Testimony 6 : Sewardess from Subang Jaya (send e-mail)

" I always have wonderful Sunday.......she seems didn't want to stop. Thank you VCO Power 31 Bio-Asli. "

Testimony 7 : Supervisor from Puchong

Hey, beb!I can forced 3 round non stop!"...Congrate to VCO Power 31 oil bio-asli(For Men)

Testimony 8 :  Engineer from Port Dickson

" It's so amazing..! "(He ordered 10 bottles more to introduce to his friends)

Testimony 9 : Old couple from Bangi.

We got married since 25 years ago and until now we are the best couple. However, because of our age becoming old, we cannot have intimate moment as in young age. We tried to use many product to enhance energy and when we met Virgin Coconut Oil, it's so different !


 (This column to be read by pair couple only)


Secret domestic happiness with product Bio-Asli

1.                  Virgin Coconut Oil (VCOP) + VCOHS

The conditions to domestic happiness (relationship intimacy) you has a good healthy body. With the virgin coconut oil (VCOP) + VCOHS, internal organ as heart, kidney, heart ,flow of blood fluency, prostate and other, it would function with efficient, pay output maxima. As a result blood flow will launch, to the needs hormone intimacy producing with many. Libido (desire and force) will increase. Body resistance increase. Strong husband as captain, while great wife go through wave.

2.                 Wipe VCOP to your genitals after bathe daily 

VCOP functions as the catalyst skin regeneration. The new cell growth rate more faster . Skin pay flexibility maxima, vein in upper layer elastic and fresh skin, pay flow of blood fluency, while muscle in undercoat skin have strength power to expand and to shrink. You ready to inform impact that to your happy moment. Beside that VCOP affords murder any infection as fungus , virus and bacteria and affords to give solution to women which already longevity.


3.                 Husband – wipe VCO31 one @ two point, 3 hours before with partner.

If you worried to face difficulty steer ark, fear capsize in the ocean, before reaching to jetty, VCOP31 assists extend voyage time and sure it your ark mast in case strong stand no easy to break floppy when go through of equal strength tsunami wave. You and your partner will smile, because successfully go through less than 3 level big ocean layer that you and your partner never reach. Imagine how great and congested your breath that a long time dive to ocean bottom without oxygen suddenly you out of breath rush to  water surface and get sipping fresh air supply to move your heartbeat that stop a moment. Sure after that your heart dramatically pulse with speed rate and will inhaled as much as which oxygen until the whole muscles unite back stretch and suddenly you shock by the noise of alarm clock that showed already morning. (Make sure you regular like evidence)

4.                  Massage partner softly use VCOP.

Immediate effect to the couple is immediate get rhythm to 'that occasion' while VCOP's use give freshness and relief. It fulfill claim and suggestion noble reverence s.a.w to people doing istimta' (intro)  right and enough before voyage. Take your time to mutually massage and caressing.
(You can mix VCOP with fragrant you like, either from all kinds of flowers or 'essential oil').

5.                  Wife- wipe VCOP or VCOPHS or 'Love Cream i' (wife) and Love Cream S (husband) to genitals.

If want difference experience and 'effect' you unable forget, you must use this product. Especially Supply 'Love Cream' if want voyage which no end.

6.                  Pray, apply protection from devil.

If you do not want share  your partner with the devil (good man or woman) during with your partner and if you want child (if meant to be seed spilled fruitful) safe from satanic interference, you compulsory not leave him.

Beside that more practices and recitations may be practiced, heritage from bygone theologian, for to couple's happiness and child appearance (if fruitful).

☺ (waiting in nearest time)

7.                  Bath compulsory

Ordered to follow as obligatory in  the religion of Islam


a. Only God omniscient will advantage seriously.

b. Return person freshness

c. Relieve muscles tense

d. Clean dirt

Method of bath compulsory and his ways

a. Read Basmalah (bismillah hirrahman nirrahim)

b. Then washing both sides hand

c. Clean Body For Prayers after defecating  – clean genitals and dispel excrement (if there)

d. Take ablution (prayer water) for pray

e. Pour out water on the head as much as 3 times while intend

“Only I bathe to lift 'janabah' (major impurity) Because Of God”

f. Pour out water at the right body 3 times, then to the left body 3 times. Optional rub front and back body and optional also cross whole of the hair that water reach to scalp. (Flatten water whole body would be compulsory, while performance cross hair is optional). Beside that, compulsory deliver water to the whole fold and all portion is become hair, either the hair is rare or thick.

8. Protect hand from touch genitals while bathing, after taking ablution (prayer water). If touched, obligatory to take ablution again, because the matter cancel ablution

Note : All those include all compulsory matter or ablution and bathe optional.



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