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 What are the benefits and advantages of Virgin Coconut Oil to Your Health ?    

Why drink Virgin Coconut Oil?   (Must read) Sinusitis & Alergy, Chronic Tiredness & Asthma
Protection from disease Dandruff and hair fall
Advantages of VCO & Metabolism and Energy Remove excess fat- Obesity  
Remedial, Substance digestion and absorption Prostate Enlargement,  Ulcer and constipation
Mother's milk & MCFA,pregnancy & Your baby  Acute myocardial infarction deterrent
Anti aging,  Scars on skin  elasticity, Protect & treat skin High blood  &  Diabetes
Cracked heel, Accident wound, wound and sore Cancer  ,   AIDS Treatment & other Researches


Removes postnatal skin crack

marks on tummy effectively 


Virgin Coconut Oil contains around 50% of lauric oil and capric oil. It acts as a protector and treatment for your skin. It penetrates deep into the skin and kills all viruses, bacteria and protozoa. Using Virgin coconut oil as a moisturizer is an ideal way to keep your skin smooth and looks young. It does not only prevent the free radical formation that is destructive, it also acts as a protection from free radical reaction. In fact it is also able to prevent whitehead and other skin problem caused by aging factor and excessive exposure to sunlight. Virgin coconut oil is also able to strengthen the 'connective tissue' of the skin. It becomes strong and supple, where it helps to stop the skin from slackness and wrinkled. It contains certain substances that can restore damaged skin or skin contracting a disease, help relief and eradicate eczema phenomenon, psoriasis and fungal infection. Virgin coconut oil does not only provide temporary relief to the skin, but it also help to restore and improve the skin, and this cannot be done by any other type of lotion. It keeps your skin looks young by removing the dead cells  on the external skin. Virgin coconut oil will penetrate deep into under-layer of the skin and will reinforce that layer of tissues. As a result your skin will become soft and healthy.

It is very simple to use. Apply the pure Virgin Coconut Oil  daily on your tummy or any wrinkle areas of your skin, whitehead face and cracked heel or any part that is needed. Practice this for 6 months, your skin will be smooth and fresh.




We use hand and body lotion to soften our skin so that it looks young. Yet majority of the lotions only increase the dryness of the skin. Commercial creams in fact have lot of water content. The moisture from it get absorbed very quickly into skin that dries up, and cause wrinkled skin. The moment water enters the skin, the skin will expand its network, just like filling a balloon with water, causing wrinkles to disappear and the skin turns softer. Yet this is merely temporary, after the water has evaporated or gets into the bloodstream, the wrinkle will return.

The issue arise, is dry and wrinkled skin curable with body lotion? Sure, but dry and wrinkle skin cannot be restored using ordinary body lotion. Majority of the lotion are made from oil constituting of vegetable oil that are processed hot and hydrogenated until there is no more antioxidant and that does not give much benefit to the skin.

Oil applied to the skin or consume will affect the body's network. Oil have real influence  on the network of the body, especially the connective network. They form the most network and spread wide within the body. This web connect with the skin, muscle, bone, nerve and all internal body organ. Connective network comprised of strong fibers form the supporting framework from all network of the body. In other words, it unite all of it. Without the connective fibers all network will become formless. At old age body the slacken and become disturbed because of damaged connective network as it seems to be breaking up.

Skin united by connective network is strong and flexible. While we were still young and healthy the skin appear delicate, flexible and supple due to the influence of the  powerful connective network.  The moment we start aging these fibers become damaged because of the free radicals that cause the connective network to hardened and lose its flexibility and strength. Loss of ability of the skin to unite with other parts cause it to start slacking and wrinkle. Consequently skin that was once young, soft and fine would have dried up and hardened.

If free radicals reaction starts, it causes a series of reaction which yield much more free radicals, thousand of molecule will be exposed to damage. Under such circumstances the only way to lessen it, is to respond with antioxidant. When free radicals come into contact with antioxidant, the reaction in series stop. For this reason it is good for the body to have plenty of supplies of antioxidant in the cell and network to protect free radicals reaction. How deep is the antioxidant (and the amount) in network is determined by the substance in the food. Free radicals reaction occur permanently in life and as a result of breathing which is unavoidable. However the level of free radicals in a person differs from one another. There are many factors that influence amount of free radicals present. For example, reducing food intake that contain antioxidant (for example, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E) will reduce the number of cell that protects the body from free radicals. Smoking and exposure to pollution will also create more free radicals. Radiation, including ultra light violet is reported stimulate free radicals formation. Chemical such as insecticide and food preservative can also enhance the activit of free radicals. Apart from that vegetable oil commonly use in food and body-care products can also contribute to free radicals formation.

Processing oil conventionally may dispel the oil of the poly unsaturated fat and antioxidant. Without this antioxidant it gives  the tendency for the free radicals to rise within and outside the body. So why should we take vegetable oil that could cause vitamin E and other antioxidant deficiency. Antioxidant is used to fight against free radical. If vegetable oil is wiped on the skin, then free radicals will form that cause permanent damage to the connective network. That's why using lotion or cream containing vegetable oil will cause the skin seemed to age faster. These lotions may give temporary amendment but it accelerate the skin aging and even increase the risk of skin cancer.

A classic sign of  old age is the emergence of whitehead on the skin called lipofuscin. It damages symptomatic free radicals lipids (fat) on the skin. Oxidation of poly unsaturated fat and protein by free radicals activity on the skin is known as the main cause of whitehead. It does not hurt or show any uncomfortable sign. Sometimes it could not be traced until the person is unaware that he had already being affected by whitehead. However this whitehead does not affect health, but it only influence just the external appearance. If this whitehead becomes clearly visible on the surface of the skin, it actually has formed also in other network all over the body, such as to the intestine, lung, kidney, brain and others. At certain level it represents the amount of damage the free radical had cause. The more plentiful whitehead that form on the skin, the more is also present inside body, and it means more damaged has been done or aging undergone by the body's network. To a certain level damage that is due to free radicals inside the body can be evaluated through whitehead that were on the skin. The more whitehead that appear, the more damage the free radicals had caused. All network body that involved is damaged to certain level. If this happened in the intestine, then it can influence this organ and the body's ability to digest and absorb nutritious material. If it happen to the brain it will affect the mental ability. Thus, free radicals damage the network connective tissues that cause slackening and lost of skin function. Similarly this applies to the organs of the body, slack and derange. The skin is like a mirror, can reflects what happened inside the body. What is seen outside reflect largely what happen inside the body.

Because cells cannot destroy pigment lipofuscin, then pigment lipofuscin will gradually accumulate in the cells of the body as the age progresses. The moment it expands, it will be inclined to remain there for life. However its formation is still preventable by using virgin coconut oil in nutrition.


Skin Elasticity Experiment
Because cells cannot destroy pigment lipofuscin, then pigment lipofuscin will gradually accumulate in the cells of the body as the age progresses. The moment it expands, it will be inclined to remain there for life. However its formation is still preventable by using virgin coconut oil in nutrition.

As you are aware skin is homeostasis organ (retention or mekanism dynamic regulate environment internal (organism's anatomy) constant.). Skin comprises of 2 layers namely epidermis layer ( outside ) and dermal layer ( in). The skin's function are;

  .  PPrevent dehydration (disruption of balance of the internal the body fluid)
  External Stimulation
  .  Retain fat
  .  Synthesise Vitamin D
  .  Produce odor and camouflage
  .  Regulate and control temperature

This experiment shows the skin function as the age approaches several stages as a result decline free radicle. Do this experiment and take note of the skin then compare with the age. Test either skin functionally young or old by comparing with the biologist age.

                                                                            Experiment skin elasticity

Time (Time)

Functional Age (Year)











56 or more

70 up

Try pinching the skin under your arm and hold it for 5 minutes. Then release and calculate the time it requires to return to its normal state. The faster the time, the younger your skin  is getting.

If you want to prevent degeneration (decline) and want your skin's youthfulness, use virgin coconut oil to replace other cream and lotion. Experiment shows that 50 year old person discover his skin takes only 1-2 second to return to its original state after using virgin coconut oil.

Protects and cures the skin

It is known that an ideal lotion is lotion that is not only gentle to the skin, but also protects it from damage, enhance remedy and give it a younger and healthy look. Virgin coconut oil meets the stated criteria. Lotion made from Virgin coconut oil can prevent the formation of  harmful free radicals on the skin and protection it from free radicals. Its is able to prevent the skin from the growth whitehead and other damages caused by aging and affected by excessive sunlight. It helps to safeguard the connective network from becoming weak thereby causing the skin not to slack and wrinkled. It can even repair the damaged skin or cure it from disease.

Polynesian people, who by traditional only imposed little clothe to their body, had been exposed in the hot sun for generation, yet they have a healthy, beautiful and flawless skin and without cancer. This is because they eat plenty of coconut and use its oil for their body as lotion. This oil is absorbed by the skin and in cell structure connective tissue network, limited damaged is caused by excessive sunlight. Their skin stays undamaged even though it is exposed to hot sun for hours.

The difference between virgin coconut oil cream or lotion is that, other cream and other lotion give instant recovery, but just awhile. Instead coconut oil does not only give immediate recovery but can also help in the process of healing and repair. Majority of the lotion did not give long term benefit to the skin and many lotion in fact speed up aging process. Why should we take the risk of a permanent skin damage if we can easily use virgin coconut oil to help return our appearance to become younger?

Virgin coconut oil can make the skin looks younger. The surface of the skin contain a layer of dead cells. The moment these dead cell is lost, other cells just take over their place. When the age progresses, this process becomes slow and as a result, the dead cells tend to accumulate  This resulted in a coarse texture and whitehead form on the skin. Virgin coconut oil is able to get rid of dead cells on the surface outside the skin and makes the skin finer that reflects the overall health, making the appearance healthy and young. Skin looks “bright” because it reflects the overall skin texture. Elimination of excessive dead skin cells and network reinforcement are the two key benefits of using virgin coconut oil. With virgin coconut oil it does not only give direct recovery, but also long-term heal. Many people with serious skin disorder have benefited tremendously from the usage of VCO. Many people have tried not to use other products. If dryness is seriously battered, apply VCO generously at the affected area before going to bed. Wrap it up with a plastic sheet to prevent the excessive oil from oozing away. In the morning open the plastic wrap and wash off the excessive oil.




You might ask, what actually is virgin coconut oil that is able to help keep the skin young, healthy and free of disease?  It is in fact the antiseptic fatty acid in the virgin coconut oil that help prevent mould and bacteria infection on the skin when taken as food with certain dosage or use directly on the skin. This is proven on the Polynesian peoples. Their skin were flawless and  rarely being troubled by skin infection or pimple.

Skin act as a protective cover from wound just like a flexible peace-keeping force. It is a resistance against millions of disease-causing bacteria that come into contact with the body. If the peace-keeping force wasn't there on the skin, the body will not survive to withstand the stress, even a normally harmless organism is sufficient to cause serious harm.

The organism enter the body not only through the nose and mouth but also through the skin. However, this will only occur if the skin defense is disturbed, and the result would be able increased infection. Pimple, herpes, boils, athlete's foot and wart are some of the infection influence the skin and body. Skin function not merely as lid, but also act as a wall to prevent the bacteria entering the body if the opportunity arise. A small tear, even a small scratch, would make the entry many bacteria into the body easier, cause disease and probably also death. Fortunately, the skin does not only provide physical obstacle but also chemical obstacle. A chemical environment on the surface of a healthy skin is not tolerable to the harmful bacteria. Therefore, the organism that cause diseases is unable to live on the skin.

Oil produce by the body is called sebum. Sebum is produce and excreted by the oil gland (subaceous gland )around  the hair root and also other place. This oil is very important to skin health because it soften and lubricate the skin as well as the hair and prevent skin from drying and cracking. Sebum also contains medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), in the form medium chain triglycerides (MCT) that is released to fight against harmful bacteria.

The skin is a house for many organism, mostly harmless, even beneficial among them are the essential bacteria that provide health to the skin. It enters the sebum , breakdown the triglycerides that become free fatty acid.

Triglycerides is just three fatty acid which is consolidated by the glycerol molecule. Sebum and also other edible fats such as corn oil, Soya oil and others, consist of triglycerides. These bacteria enter  the glycerol molecule and unite with the fatty acid. When glycerol is released, the fatty acid is liberated and become a separate individual. All these are called free fatty acid. MCFA bound by triglycerides does not have antimicrobial characteristics.

These bacteria changed MCT in sebum on the skin to become free fatty acid that can kill virus and fungus that caused fungus infection. The combination of pH and MCFA provide chemical layer that protects the skin against infection and microorganism that cause diseases.

Most mammals use natural antimicrobial MCFA to protect itself against infection. In the body, the fatty acid will organize the oil produced by the skin. In the wild, the animals are protected by nature and by instinct they easily recovered from wounds. Bites and scratches are common occurrences, especially by carnivores. Wound inflicted by these carnivores often cause infection on their victims. Instinctively, the injured animal will lick its wound to clean it and spread the body oil within network that was injured. This oil produced anti infection for its wound and protect the animal from infection. Thus, when its leg sustained an injury, by instinct the animal will bring the injured part it to its mouth to lick.

Saliva also helps to increase the amount of MCFA on skin. Saliva containing homogeneous enzyme called lingual lipase starts the process of breaking down the fat into individual fatty acid. This enzyme is ready to break the fat from food eaten and body oil (sebum) into MCFA. Fat,  ready made oil and long chain fatty acids that there were mostly consumed as food need gastric enzyme  and additional pancreatic enzymes to split fat to become individual MCFA.

Animals often groom themselves by licking their fur, covering them with saliva enzyme that can change the body oil to become free MCFA as a protection. Licking the wound also mixes saliva with the oil on the skin and hair that yield much more MCFA that can help fight against infection.

Animals often clean up themselves by licking their fur, covering them with saliva enzyme that can change the body oil to become free MCFA as a protection. Licking the wound also mixes saliva with the oil on the skin and hair that yield much more MCFA that can help fight against infection.

Almost all skins posses medication protection with varying rate. Oil on the surface of the skin and hair comprised of 40 to 60% free fatty acid. Among this fatty acid is MCFA which has its own antimicrobial characteristic. MCFA in this sebum contribute towards a protective layer on the skin that kill harmful bacteria.

Adult yield much more sebum compare with children. That means adult have a higher protection level from skin infection. It is proven that those MCFA those found in sebum are the similar to those found in virgin coconut oil. In a conclusion virgin coconut oil can give significant protection level from skin infection.


Restores cracked heel
Virgin coconut oil is not only able to restore the skin after contracting a disease, but also capable to rehabilitate and improve skin which broke. This cannot be achieve by any other type of lotion. It contains regeneration nutrition and moisturizer with a role to cure the skin, restoring the youthfulness of the skin by removing external dead skin cells. Virgin coconut oil will permeate deep into the skin and will reinforce that layer of tissue. Finally your skin will be soft and healthy 'bright', very effective especially to crack heel crack and corn.

Road accident wounds

En. Ishak experience - Road accident wounds.

I met with a motorcycle accident. The skin on my hand and my knee was badly bruised by the tarmac. During the nursing my wound I did not take or use any medication including painkillers but only use 100% VCOP (Virgin Coconut Oil Pure) as medicine to be applied and drink. It was really marvelous.... I found the part that wounded part does not suffer any germs infection and does not suppurate. The Lauric acid and Capric acid present in Virgin Coconut Oil (50%) act as antiviral, anti bacterial and anti protozoa. It thus protects and treat the skin. It will permeate deep  into skin and kill all the virus, bacteria and protozoa that cause the wound to  become suppurate and odorous. -statement by Dr Joseph Mercola (Total Health Program's author) and Rachael Droege (both are fitness specialist).

It is also quick to dry and the scar will gradually disappear. The virgin coconut oil does not only gave temporary relief to the skin, but it also helped to restore and improve the skin, and this could not be done by any other lotion. This oil will regenerate the skin by removing the dead skin cell on the surface. The virgin's coconut oil will penetrate deep as far as the subcutaneous layer and will strengthen the layer of that tissue. Finally the skin will become supple as well as healthy and 'shining'.

By applying VCO to the injured part in morning, afternoon and before going to bed, that part does not feel susceptible or tense. The drying up and healing of the wound was also appropriate and normal. In the certain situation the Virgin Coconut Oil could restore damaged skin or skin that was infected by the illness, helped relieve and made the sign comfortable eczema, psoriasis as well as fungus infected. In fact the antiseptic fatty acid in virgin coconut oil help to prevent the infection of fungus and bacteria to skin when taken with food in certain level of quantity used directly onto the skin. This was proven against the Polynesians who used vco properly. They are rarely bothered by skin infection or pimple. 

Virgin Coconut Oil Pure or + Honey if consumed will help strength the immune system of the body. With the body ability to convert lauric acid and capric acid to monolaurin and monocaprin they acted as the virus, bacteria and protozoa killer by destroying the lipids and phospholipids coating of the virus. I still continue with the treatment (applying onto the wound & drinking). I was progressing very well indeed. The scar due to the injury was gradually disappearing. If you want the maximum restoration to your skin, you must choose the oil that is really of good quality, free from chemical component, not decolorize color as well as not been hydrogenated. All of these are present in virgin coconut oil.



 Removes excessive fat- obesity

The total number of overweight people had continued to rise during the last 20 years, especially during the last 10 years. According to the The Center For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC), overweight people in America had increased during the 10 years from 12% to 17.9% of the entire population. Also in America, 55% of the entire population are having weight problem, one out of four adult is considered fat or as much as 25% of the teenagers are having weight problem. More children are becoming fat, resulting in a drastic rise in the number of  overweight children (50% increase) during the last 30 years. This happened in Britain, Germany and other European countries as well.

From the medical perspective, obesity is a serious problem. With an excessive body weight, a person run the risk of contracting a disease. A person is considered fat if his/her weight is more than 20% of his/her normal weight. For over the last 10 years obesity had increased as much as 70% among people who are 18-29 years. For those age between 30-39 years the figure shot up by 50%. All other age group that experience dramatic body weight increased suffered acute myocardial infarction, bile, diabetes, osteoarthritis and premature death.

If body weight problem can be overcome that means the body will be more healthy, more so if it is done without the use of drugs. Most people strive to reduce their body weight by following various programs such as reducing fatty food and increasing carbohydrates. Clearly it makes them suffer but not achieving the desired result.

A minority still regarded eating healthily means maintaining a balanced, avoiding fat and using  “healthy” oil such as margarine and vegetable oil as basic food. In actual fact if we study what is healthy food and virgin coconut oil, they have made a mistake by taking the wrong oil. Hence they should replace vegetable oil with virgin coconut oil, use butter instead of  margarine, a little bit of sweet food and consume more fiber. This will make the body healthier without the need to reduce the usual amount of food. Moreover by taking virgin coconut oil they will get more energy compared to before.

This way of dieting can actually reduce the body weight without being we being conscious.


Abnominal hernias



acute myocardial infarction coroner


Respiratory disorder

Varicose veins



Gastrointestinal disorder


Gynecology disorder






Have you seen an advertisement saying “I reduced 25 kg of my body weight in 4 weeks”. "I reduce my measurement from 18 to 8 in 30 days”. All diet programs can achieve fast weight reduction. The question is, is it really possible for a person to loose weight that fast?

Consider the following fact:-

One pound (half kg) of body fat keeps 3500 calorie, to lower its weight the amount of calories that enter must be repetitively smaller than 3500 calorie. On the average a reduction of 500 calories/ day or 3500 calorie a week will be able to reduce the weight by as much as 1/2 kg (one pound) a week. A reduction of 1000 calorie each day equals to a reduction of 2 pounds weekly. To cut down 1000 calories daily, they should cut down their meal by half of the normal meal. That is a huge reduction. This implies that loosing takes time. Therefore it is not possible to loose  25kg of fat in just 6 weeks, unless they consumed nothing else but water. A reduction of 3 to 6 kg in 6 weeks is more realistic. 





Why we should calculate the calorie.

Normally obesity happened when the food that we consume is more than what our body requires. This phenomena happened when the food we eat are converted into energy either to strengthen the metabolic function or for our physical activities. However if there is an excess energy it will be converted into fat and enter the cell to become cellulite in the legs, waist  and buttocks. Therefore the more we eat the bigger will be our body.

Energy found in food is measured in calorie. Everyone need a certain amount of calorie to look after the basic function of the metabolic process. All these processes enable life to sustain  for examples; to ensure the heart continues to beat, the lung continues to breathe, and the stomach continues to digest the food that strengthen each and every cellular process. The number that body use the  calorie to carry out the metabolic activities is called named basal metabolic rate (BMR) that is the total amount of calories needed by an inactive body. Whatever activity no matter how light will require additional calories. Two-third of the calories used daily is to take care of the basic metabolic function. Everyone has a different BMR. Many factors determine the BMR and the number of calories required by the body. Younger people need more calorie than older people. Physically adults need more calories than an inactive person. People who are fasting are very hungry or people on diet use fewer calories than the ordinary people.

Two dominant factors that influence body weight reduction are calorie intake and physical activities.

Example; A person who is 150lb working by just sitting operating a computer keyboard only requires 1600 calories and 800 calories for other activities. He needs 2400 calorie / day in order to maintain his body weight. If his calorie intake is only 2300 calorie he will have to obtain the additional calorie by breaking down the fats in his body. The consequence is he will loose his body fat. But if his calorie intake is more than the body required, the excess will be stored as fats. If he is an athlete, because of his physical activities he will have to add to his daily calorie intake, for example up to 2500 calorie per day. His body weight will fall because the extra 100 calories needed will be drawn from the body fat. That is why an active person usually appears much slimmer than an inactive person. Normally women require fewer calorie than men approximately 200-400 calories lesser.

For example, a man who works as a school guard, he requires around 2600-2800 calories per day to uphold his body weight. If he performs heavy work, such as manual work, he will require 2800-3200 calorie daily. Such person needs around 2200-3200 calorie daily to carry out his daily activity. Women usually smaller and less muscular need around 200-400 calorie lesser.


What virgin coconut oil can do for your skin and also for your hair. Virgin coconut oil can be used as a good hair conditioner.  Beautician has identified virgin coconut oil and they certify that this virgin coconut oil get took a toll effective as hair conditioner in saloon worth treatment among RM40 to RM50. Whereas with the virgin coconut oil can do at housed with the cost incredibly cheap. Other benefit in use coconut oil as hair conditioner is because it will help operate dandruff.



Advantages when

applied on scalp and hair


Dandruff on the scalp and hair really cause discomfort, itchiness and odorous. More disastrous is that dandruff will cause hair to be unhealthy and if left unchecked it will affect the hair root  its fertility. Consequently our hair will become thinner and finally become bald. This happened to me personally. Because of this problem I seek for a cure, until I met a friend at a dinner function who bald some time ago but now his hair has grown a little. He told me to use me to use coconut oil that he wears. At that time we not know at that one is virgin coconut oil until I attend  open day in Mardi. When I see Virgin Coconut oil Mardi's product and ask new specification, I know oil that I wear is Virgin  Coconut Oil. Beginning from the that I continue to look into and learn to produce over Virgin Coconut Oil more having quality which now I name Virgin Coconut Oil Bio-Asli. It really effective for dandruff problems and hair loss in cause content of lauric acid , capric acid and variety another type fatty acid who act murder dandruff fungus and pervasive far inside scalp to treat cells which broke. Alhamdulilah his revenue deeply satisfying and now it become brilliantine, face and my beverages daily.

  • Help stabilize the natural chemical of the scalp.
  • Eliminate dandruff on scalp and prevent dryness of the skin thus preventing dandruff fungus from breeding and hair become fertile and enhance its blackness.
  • Help scalp tissue formation and treats them.
  • Protect the skin from the sun ultraviolet radiation
  • Enriches the scalp and overcome hair loss.




More about Virgin Coconut Oil ...
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