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Black Seed Oil
  Definition of Black Seed Oil.
  Chemical Composition and Biochemistry of Black Seed Oil.
  The nature of  pharmacology and Black Seed's toxicology.
  Prophet hadith and expert statement of Black Seed.
  Benefit and advantage (More 100 active material in Black Seed).
  Allergy-Research paper.


Habbatul barakah ~ The seed of blessing

Prophet saying valid  of Black Seed

Narrated from Aisyah ra, she listens Rasulullah saw decree that:
“Indeed Al-Black Seed' can recover all diseases except Al-Sam”. I ask. “What Is Al-Sam? Majesty replying, “Al-Sam is death”
Imam Bukhari's story .

From Buraidah says it, Rasulullah s.a.w decree that:
“To Black Seed' all diseases have been medicine except dead”.
Abu Nu' aim's story in Al-Tibb valid prophet ' saying collection no. 1819

From Abu Hurairah, he ever hear Rasulullah saw decree that:
“To Black seed' have been medicine to all type of disease except Al-Sam namely death”.
Bukhari's Story (10:118 119) ; Islamic (7:25) ; Ibnu Majah (2:342) ; Tarmizi (2:3 to edition BulaQ) ; And Ahmad (2:241) go through story Sufyan bin 'Uyainah From Al-Zuhri And Abu Salamah.


 Black Seed Oil produced from Nigella Sativa tree is a kind of bloom plant annually. Originally grow wildly in countries Mediterranean's environment and south east countries Asian. Then it plant by widespread in north Africa especially Egypt, in southern Europe in Syria and is a bit in Asia Tengah like Iran and India. Grow with height environment 20 to 50 centimeters and leafy fine contrary leaf position with. The stem is green colour, round, hairy with measure latitude in 2 to 5 millimeters, while range of between branch would be around 2 to 5 centimeters. Bloom soft at the end branch, usually baby blue and white colour, measure latitude in 3 centimeters, total of petal between 5 to 10 piece. Lengthier and longish flower stalk when his fruit more mature. Fruit sizeable type 'inflated capsule' consisted 3 to 7 compartment containing seed batch. The seed shaped is triangle, black colour, smelly 'pungent' fairly strong, containing oil ratio fairly substantial. The seeds used as spice and also miscellaneous different uses and most popular used to make Black Seed's oil'. It have sense 'pungent bitter'.

Nigella sativa's seed known with variety name as Habbah Elbarakah (Arabic), Kalounji, Mungal realael (Hindi), Kezah (Hebrew), Charnushka (Russian), Streak otu siyah (Turkey), Siyah daneh (Persian), Zwiebelsame, Nadella, Schwarzkumm (German), Neidonkuka (Finn), Mustkoomen (Estonia), Karijnigi (Canada), Czarnuszka siewna (Polish), Nigella (Italy), Graine Or Wagella Cultiree, Cheveuxdevenus, Negelle (France), Svartkummin (Sweden), Niguilla, Pesionara (Spain), Svartkarve (Norway) Also known as Fennel flower, Black caraway, Nutmeg flower or Roman coriander (English).

His seed also called  as Black cumin, Nigella or Black seed. Among Egyptian and Syam it is known as Al-Habbatul Barakah, and for Telegu called Nellajilakaira, Punjabi called Kalongi, Malayalam called Karunjiragam, Singhalese called Kaluduru, Marathi invitees called, Tamin called Karunjiragam. In Yemen and Iran known with the name Al-Syuniz, while in Algeria called temporary Sanuj in Morocco called with the name Basdas.



Reported that Nigella sativa (black seed) has found in Tutankhamen tomb. Although Nigella sativa's real use in Egypt's society there are no known accurately, but with stated discovery we know that something will not load into royal mausoleum if this not something that selected and believed and convince by them as so useful and help their king after dead.

In the Greco-Arab / Unani-Tibb medical system which are from Hippocrates, regard black seed as the source digestive disorder and also heart. Also regarded as stimulus variety state of body.

Is untrue fact if is said that Arab people to learn his use from Greek's people, because before in Islamic expansion Middle East, no any evidence and  about the use's note. His use in medical beginning after Islamic rise from what was expressed by Rasulullah saw chimes:-

 “Indeed Black Seed' can cure all diseases except Al-Sam”.
Prophet ' saying Imam Bukhari's story

 “To Black Seed' all diseases have been medicine except dead”.
Prophet ' Saying From Buraidah.



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