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Black Seed Oil
  Definition of Black Seed Oil.
  Chemical composition and biochemistry of Black Seed.
  The nature of pharmacology and toxicology of Black Seed.
  Prophet hadith and expert statement of Black Seed.
  Benefit and advantage ( More 100 active material in Black Seed).
  Allergy-Research paper.


 Following are nutrition and advantage Black Seed specifically to on type of paint and it was proved scientifically and clinical trial






Migraine, earache



Coral stone


Toothache, bloody gum


Bile stone

man hardness




Smoothen menstrual recycle




dynamite sexual

facial palsy

Bronchial asthma

Cardiac asthma

Treat digestion system


Mistress, ophoritis, indomeferitis


watery lung







Destruct organism in heart, liver and kidney

Premature ejaculation

Make intelligent mind

Increase mother-milk

Murder parasite



Treat respiratory system

Chronic dysentery



Cirrhosis of liver



Gum inflammation

Improve breast contour


Anti bacteria, Anti oxide


Following are nutrition and advantage Black Seed and their function generally to the human body and it was proved scientifically and clinical trial:




Dry skin




Bee venom and hornet

The mad dog bite

Itchy skin

Strengthened the gland

Prevent cancer

Overcome skin disablement

Diabetes mellitus





Snake bite



Puerperal fever







Bilious ailments




Reduced the rate content of blood

Antihistamine activity-suitable to treat allergic

Black Seed' rich with fatty acid poly unsaturated who help to issue prostaglandin E1 his function closely related with following matters :-

Strengthen immunes system

 Improve sugar metabolic

Protect gut wall

Blood clots

skin infection



If composed with antibiotic as streptomycin and  Black Seed' gentamycin can stimulate all antibacterial activity.


If composed with erythromycin, tobramycin, doxycydine and  Black Seed' ampicillin show antibacterial function a more powerful until capable murder E-Coli, pathogen organism as Candida alb cans, staphylococcus and yeast.


If composed with Black Seed' garlic function harmonize back autoimmune disorder, and prevent immune cells from destroy active cell . (Mean Autoimmune disorder state where patient suffer cause his body system attack his body physical.


Black Seed's content' especially fatty acid poly unsaturated also stimulate productivity growth prostaglandin E1, one element as if hormone that functions as stabilizer to some function to person body as :-

i. Brain function

ii. Nerve function

iii. Heart function



ALLERGY – (Example Sinus and Asthma)-Testimony

Allergy is word whose used to describe any situation, sneeze attacks from and watery eyes on a hot day, until to red rash itchy and breathing wheezing after rub pet animal or lip and tongue swelling and sickness after eating peanut. Briefly, allergy mean “reaction turning” , namely reaction mechanism body's defense for materials normally harmless. Most allergy always happens is :

     i.                    Allergy rhinitis and allergy conjunctivitis

ii.                   Asthma

iii.                 Rash on skin that itchy

iv.                Food Allergy

v.                  Allergy to bee' sting and  hornet's sting

vi.                Sinus



Allergy incident beginning  when a person exposed to any allergen as microbes house, pet animal, pollen and fungus that cause allergy production of antibodies called imunoglobin E (IgE). Allergy antibody imunoglobin (IgE) stick herself to lymphocytes or antigen that called mast cell. Mast cell containing histamine (a kind of protein), chemoatractants and other chemicals call leukotrin afford expand blood vessel and constrict smooth muscle (smooth muscle) that surround lung airway. Mast cell stick by allergy antibody imunoglobin (IgE) in fact can be found on the whole skin and layer nose, mouth, tongue, lung route and small intestine. It (mast cell) stick by allergy  antibody imunoglobin (IgE) just now will break and release histamine, leukotrin and chemoatractants that would eventually produce reaction allergy. Mast cell will also attract other cell, especially white blood cell called eosinphil, irritate and damage cell. Histamine and leukotrin will cause sneeze and itchiness and swelling on the skin, in cavity lung (airway), and in strata nose. This resulted itchy bulge red colour on the skin, asthma and nose stopped up. Inflammation situation that encourage by the presence eosinphil enhance layer nose sensitivity and lung and produce chronic symptom.



Histamine (hist = mean it comprise from dregs waste (residue) histidine, while amine = because it is vasoactive amine that causes several indications allergic (allergic symptoms) as inflammation and constriction for smooth muscle.

Histamine is a important proteins that cause allergic effects. While allergic is because by immune reaction for materials customary harmless as pollen and dust (normally known  as allergen) shall be affixed to lymphocytes those mentioned as antigen. Antigen react that were mast cell (mast cell). In fact to happen this interaction antibody allergy molecule immunoglobulin (IgE) who are free afloat, shall be affixed to mast cell surface receptor. Mast cell with their own react with dismiss histamine, leukotrin and chemoatractants that finally produce allergy reaction.

Because of the reaction just because by material which actually harmless in the body, then to let immunes system works and to react for elements cause of allergic is mean a interference in the body. Therefore use anti histamine can help body so that can live with safer and comfortable with the immune system no need to act by mistake.

Medical experts outcome of the study since a long time find that nigellone is major active ingredient that successfully dissociated from grain nigella sativa. Dr. Mahouz and Dr. El-Dakhakny find that chemical properties and pharmacology very suitable to protect their experimental animal (guinea pigs) from histamine bronchopasm that induce.

In the year 1960, was reported that crystalline nigellon has use as substance to treats children and also adult who already have bronchial asthma, and find that it own value therapeutic beside no containing toxic substance. However even his reaction's impact just discernible after a few days.

In the year 1993, Dr Nirmal Chakravarty had committed single study to confirm that crystalline nigellon maybe contribute as deterrent agent release histamine.

Inhibition for release antigen-induced histamine in picture 1. White egg were used as antigen. Concentration nigellon at the rate 11ug / ml gives 50 % retarding potential for release histamine


                  Picture : 1            

For compound 48/80 those included (induced), histamine discharged at the rate an almost identical as in the case nigellone (picture 3). 50% inhibition release histamine had happened at the rate 15ug / ml



  Picture : 2

Bend line is inhibition trace of action nigellon over release histamine supported by calcium ionophore A23187 obtain is the same with release before it, but his release obtain little less sensitive for nigellon. Like picture 3, 26ug / ml nigellon cause of inhibition 50 % release histamine.


  Picture : 3

Capacity nigellon as deterrent agent and inhibitor to release histamine likely originate from restriction kinase C protein and reduce thickness  intracellular calcium. Metabolic inhibition energy oxidative (oxidative energy metabolism) may also played a role.

The impact nigellon to on release histamine supported by stimulation kinase C protein also result in shut it production kinase C protein to  other cell. Because of kinase C protein very significant in reaction by biology include encouraging formation cancer then get conclusion that it is seen so potential if used as a principal ingredient anti cancer.


In the year 1998 scientist from The college of pharmacy, university of Kentucky, USA, study by activity in vitro anti tumour to black seed raw (crude) and also component black seed was filtered. Two important component filtered is thymoquinone (TQ) and dithymoquinone (DIM). 

Picture 4. Thymoquinone dan Dithymoquinone


Picture 4. formulation structure thymoquinone ( TQ) and dithymoquinone (DIM )

In this study, raw component and extract black seed oil and also quinines TQ and DIM filter assess in vitro to determine the level toxic for pancreatic Aden carcinoma cell line CFPAC-1 human, uterine sarcoma cell line MES-SA and Varian MDR, Dx5 , leukekik cell line K562 human and MDR Varian R7.

TQ Toxic rate and DIM compared with standard cancer treatment, doxorubicin DOX and topside, ETP. Both drug stated have been proven effective reduce in vitro cytoxicity for cell that produce radical material.

This study expose quinines TQ and DIM, two important content Nigella sativa, so destructive (cytotoxic) for some type of cell in human vitro. Similarly both TQ and DIM equivalent his destroyer's impact to MDR tumour cell. This give dependence that it maybe useful as drug anti cancer beside useful to treat MDR tumour resistant. 

The content of Grain active Nigella sativa containing the part of fatty acid study of anti tumour activity over Ehrlich ascites carcinoma (EAC), Dalton's cell lymphoma ascites (DLA) And Sarcoma-180 (S-180). Those animal accept EAC cell and black seed obtain fixed normal without signs tumor formation impact. This situation explained that active ingredient have the effect capacity as anti tumour over EAC. Results of studies also found that animals accept DLA cell and black seed show that his active ingredient can inhibit development and under environment tumor formation from 50% over with the animal who do not accept that active ingredient.


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