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Bio-Asli of product :
  Virgin Coconut Oil Pure (Pure).
  Virgin Coconut Oil Honey.
  Virgin Coconut Oil + Black Seed.
  Power 31 Oil ( Husband).
  Mas Madu Herbal Juice.
  Personal Website / Society / Your Company.
Scientific fact about Virgin Coconut Oil.
  Definition of Virgin Coconut Oil.
  Chemical Composition of Virgin Coconut Oil.
  Standard Quality Of Virgin Coconut Oil.
  Manufacturing Process of Virgin Coconut Oil.
What Expert say of Virgin Coconut Oil.
  Dr. Bruce Fife ( Doctor Natropati-USA ).
  Dr. Joseph Mercola ( Pengarah Total Health Program ).
  Dr. Mary G.Ening Director, Nutritional Science Division Enig Associate, Inc USA.
  DR. AH. Bambang Setiaji, MSc Dekan Fakulti Kimia dan Matematik Universiti Gadjah Mada Indonesia.
  Referent of ( VCO= Virgin Coconut Oil )
Black Seed Oil.
  Definition of Black Seed Oil.
  Chemical Composition and biochemistry of Black seed Oil.
  Pharmacology and toxicology of Black Seed.
  Hadith and facts from the expert of Virgin Coconut Oil.
  The advantage of Black Seed Oil( More 100 active chemical in Black Seed).
  Allergy-Research paper.
Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil VS Diseases
  The Benefits Drink Consuming Virgin Coconut Oil.
  Metabolism and energy
  Virus and bacteria
  Ideal Body Weight.
  Mother's milk and MCFA
  Skin and hair.
  Channel expansion urinate
  Digestion System and Substance.
  AIDS Prevention.
  Acute myocardial infarction deterrent
  Retardation Aging Process.
  Free Radical.
  Chronic fatigue.
  High Blood Pressure.
  Chronic eczema and related disease.
  High Blood Pressure and Migraine
  Prostate & impotency.
  Arthritis and lost in appetite.
  Acne and scar at face.
  Over weight and obesity.
  Cough and breathing problem.
  Scabies head.
  Dandruff, hair fall problem and stress.
Secret Happiness by BioAsli product sorry : Just for married couples only)
  Virgin Coconut Oil + Black Seed (VCHOS).
  Moisten VCOP to genital part everyday after part.
  For men - Moisten VCO31 drop one or two before having intimacy moment.
  Use VCOP as massage media.
  For women - Moisten VCOP or VCOHS or Love Cream (New Product) to genital part.
  Do pray to God (together) before having intimacy
Testimonies Power VCO31 Oil ( Sorry : Just for couple only)
  Great husband and happy wife.
  Go through 3 times hurricane (Multiple orgasm).
  Increased number of Mammary Gland (Breast Enlargement).
Mas Cotek Herbal - Ficus Ditoldia.
  Mas Cotek-Introduction.
  The advantages
  Strong memory and focus in your mind.
  Anti Cancer and others.
Misai Kucing Herbal - Orthosiphon stamineus.
  Misai kucing - Introduction.
  Chemical Composition of Misai Kucing and the advantages.
  Reduce Diabetes. High Blood Pressure and Toxin into body.

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