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  Product : Virgin Coconut Shower Gel  


    Virgin Coconut Shower Gel   Advantages  
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Virgin Coconut Shower Gel


Virgin Coconut Shower Gel

Virgin Coconut Shower Gel combine Virgin Coconut Oil as a natural moisturizer and Honey along with Olive Oil for the protection, care and nourish the skin . Enjoy the refreshing fragrance while cleansing your body and control body odor. Virgin Coconut Shower Gel also tested by dermatology to be consistent although the most delicate skin. It is suitable for family use everyday.

  Virgin Coconut Oil  
  - Naturally processed without heat and other chemical. There are at least 9 types of fatty acids  (Medium Chain Fatty Acids) as caproic acid, caprylic, capric, lauric, myristic, stearic, oleic and linoleic. Scientific research shows that it is useful for human health whether baby, children, old men or women. Appropriate drinking, applied on the skin throughout the body, can be used as hair oil or may be used together to married couple with smear to whole body. For more information, please click on this topic. Virgin Coconut Oil  

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  -Tocotrienol are members of the vitamin E family, An essential nutrient for the body, vitamin E is made up  of four tocopherols (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) and four tocotrienol (alfa, beta, gamma, delta). One model for the function of vitamin E in the body is that it protects cell membranes, active enzyme sites, and DNA from free radical damage.  


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  Bio enzyme  
  -The biological catalyst or catalyst for our body cells. Enzymes consist of various types of protein that works to promote the chemical reactions required for certain actions or nutrition. For cosmetic use, the enzyme is able to help skin cells to respond any radical problems.  


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