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20 Years Experience In Market!

Bio-Asli products based on Virgin Coconut Oil are effective and have been in the market for over 20 years in Malaysia

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All products manufactured at Desaku Trading Factory (GMP Cert.), MESTI certificates and HALAL accreditation. The materials used are also high quality and effective.

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Our products have been proven effective after more than 200 thousand of our registered customers used it.

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Why Virgin Coconut Oil?

1001 Benefits

Ketone Acid / Anti-Oxidant / Monolaurin & Monocaprin

Ketone Acid Rich with ketone acid which is estimated more than 60% found in virgin coconut oil, it will be exchanged as energy in the body (ketone energy). Virgin Coconut Oil is smoother, easy absorbed and used as energy compared with glucose which is requires insulin to digested into the cells as energy. (body cells, brain cell neurons, beta cells & beta alpha cells of pancreas and others)

Anti-Oxidant Virgin Coconut Oil contains with powerful antioxidant, which are tocopherol and tocotrienols. Studies shown that tocotrienol is 50 times more effective than tocopherol. It works to stabilize the free radicals found in human body. If free radicals not be stabilized, it will cause the oxygen molecules losing 1 negative electron charge and will kill the cells in body and consequently become the cause of various of chronic diseases.

Monolaurin & Monocaprin Virgin Coconut Oil contains 55% of capric & lauric acid, will change into monolaurin & monocaprin after enter the human bosy, the nutrient is exactly same as breast milk. It can strengthen the body's defense and kill germs, fungi, worms dan viruses.

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